Do 2 New Tires Go on the Front Or Rear?

I just got a quote from a tire shop for two new tires and they said that I should have my new tires put on the rear. My car is a front wheel drive – I always thought you’re supposed to put the new tires on the front. What’s the deal?

You are in the same boat with many people – traditional practice had always been to install new tires on the front if a car is a front wheel drive. While that had been the recommendation for many years, recent research in the tire industry suggests that this is not necessarily the safe practice that we all once thought it was.

I could try to explain it to you here, but these sites do a great job of thoroughly explaining the reasoning behind this recommendation.

Tire Rack has a great article on this question:

Michelin’s website has a good video that shows why this practice is recommended:

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Dan Amundsen is a Master ASE Certified Technician, with over 40 years of automotive repair experience. He has been the owner of Juanita Firs 76 since 1978. He runs a true family business with his two children, three nieces, and many just-like-family employees that have been with the company for over 15 years.

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