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Isn’t All Gasoline the Same?

Does it really make a difference what type of gas I put in my car? I’ve heard it’s all the same – is that true?

The Difference is On the Truck

Gas does come from the same place – all gas trucks load up their fuel at the exact same terminals. What makes the difference between brands is the additives that are added to the gasoline. These additives are added to the fuel at the time the delivery truck is filling up. Simply put: the gasoline becomes 76, Chevron, Safeway, or Shell gas at the time it is being loaded onto the truck.

Why Additives Matter

The additives in the fuel make the difference between a gas that cleans your car while you drive, or a gas that allows nasty carbon deposits to build up inside your engine (causing costly repairs down the road). Many cheaper brands of gasoline will only put in the minimum additives required by the government, while higher quality brands will sometimes put close to double, sometimes even five times more than the government’s recommendations. Make no mistake – there is a difference between name-brand gasoline and the cheaper brands.

Top Tier Gas

The EPA instituted a mandate in 1995 requiring that every gasonline contain a certain amount of detergent additives. Automakers BMW, Honda, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi found that the level recommended by the EPA was not enough to keep their vehicles running at top performance.

To combat this issue, these auto makers created a new standard, called Top Tier Gas. For a gasoline to be considered Top Tier Gas, it must have a certain amount of detergent additives that is much higher than the minimum EPA requirements. This higher level of detergent additives reduces emissions, prevents carbon deposits, and keeps engines running better, longer.

We won’t presume to tell you that 76 gas is better than any other gas in the world, but there are definitely certain brands that are better for your car than others. Here are the brands in our area that are considered Top Tier Gas:

  • 76
  • Chevron
  • Texaco
  • Shell

Watch this video to learn more about Top Tier Gas:

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